Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, August 2003 
Bone Mineral Density and Bone Turnover Markers in Children with Primary Nepherotic Syndrome

Pages 11-16

Samir Abu Al-Hassan; Magdy El-Ziny; Amr Sarhan; Ashraf Bakr; Ayman Hammad; Nehad Chalaby; Mohamed Ragab

Serum Neopterin Levels in Children with primary Nephrotic Syndrome

Pages 23-28

Asharf Bakr; Ibrahim Rageh; Mahmoud El-Azouny; Safaa Deyab; Mohamed Atwa; Hend Lotfy

Role of oxidant-Antioxidant Imbalance in the Pathogenesis of Acute Post-Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis

Pages 45-51

Doaa Tawfeek; Wafaa El-Saed; Laila Sherif; Ismail El-Najjar; Samy Selim; Hesham El-Saka

Daily Hemodialysis Short Term Clinical Evaluation

Pages 59-69

Hussein Chahine; Tarek Elbaz; Abdallah Abdallah

Serum Procalcitonin in Childhood Urinary Tract Infections

Pages 85-101

Said Abou-Aly; Mohamed Alaa Thabet; Nashaat Lotfy; Rasha Massoud