Main Subjects = Dialysis and CRRT.
Evaluation of Endocan Serum Level as a Marker of Cardiovascular Risk in Children on Maintenance Hemodialysis.

Volume 18, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 25-36

Manal Abdelsalam; Aliaa Atef; Naglaa Fathy; Nadia Yousif; Hala Maghraby

Assesment of quality of life in children with chronic kidney disease on dialysis and their mothers.

Volume 18, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 37-46

Ahlam Badawy Ali; Mostafa Abd Elazeem Hassan; Basma Mahmoud Abdelhafez; Ahmed Hagag Ismail

Study of Vitamin D and Interleukin 10 Levels in Uremic Peripheral Neuropathy in Children on Hemodialysis.

Volume 18, Issue 1, June 2023, Pages 12-22

Faika Shehta Arab; Nesma Abdelmoneam Ghonimi; Aya Abdel-Moneam Elshahawy; Mona Hamed Gehad; Mayy Abd Alfattah Neemat-Allah

Indications and Outcomes of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Critically ill Children at a University Children Hospital.

Volume 18, Issue 1, June 2023, Pages 35-42

Noha El-Anwar; Fatma Abdel Wahab Abdel Maksoud; Eman Hany Elsebaie; Mona Abdel Ghany Hassan; Shereen Abd El-Monem Mohamed

Iron Status in Chronic Kidney Disease Pediatric Patients on Hemodialysis.

Volume 18, Issue 1, June 2023, Pages 43-56

Mohesn Saleh Elalfy; Mahmoud Fouda Aloraby; Ahmed Elshimy; Dina Ebrahem Sallam

Assessment of Right Ventricular Myocardial Dysfunction in Children on Hemodialysis.

Volume 17, Issue 2, December 2022, Pages 10-22

Manal Abdelsalam; Tagreed Abdelrahman; Ghada Mohamed. S. Ahmad; Rasha M Goda; Nadia Youssef Riad; Taher Said

Indications and Outcome of Different Dialysis Modalities in Critically Ill Children.

Volume 17, Issue 1, June 2022, Pages 28-37

Eman Abobakr Abd Alazem; Hafez Mahmoud Bazaraa; Ayman Soliman; Khaled Amin Nasef

Oral Lactoferrin as a Source of Iron Supplementation in Pediatric Hemodialysis Patients.

Volume 16, Issue 2, December 2021, Pages 23-30

Mohamed Samy El Farsy; Ihab Elhakim; Hend Khaled Rabie

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange; One Year Single Center Experience.

Volume 15, Issue 2, December 2020, Pages 60-68

Doaa Youssef; Sabry Elshobary; Nada Abdallah