Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 1-103 
Effect of Combined Heat killed Probiotic and Wheat Bran on Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Hemodialysis Children.

Pages 8-14

Doaa Mohamed Youssef; Ali Mohamed Abou Zeid; May Abd Alfattah Neemat-Allah; Yasmeen Ghanem Zakaria; Aly Abdel-Rahman Yousef; Seham Mohamed Ramadan

Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 and Carotid Artery Intima Media Thickness in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

Pages 32-38

Hazem El Sayed El Sayed Mohamed; Moftah Rabeea; Naieyra Mahmoud El Akkad; Mohammed Yousry Shahin; Mustafa Fadel M. Sonbol

Inflammatory markers: Pentraxin 3, Interleukin10 and Interleukin18 in children with Chronic Kidney Disease

Pages 48-56

Fatina Fadel; Samar Sabry; Rasha Essam Eldin Galal; Abbas Abdelfattah Mourad; Mohamed Shouman; Hassanin Mohamed

Rate and Type of Infections in Children with Nephrotic syndrome

Pages 68-74

Doaa Mohammed Youssef; Ali Mohamed Abou Zeid; Mona Shaaban Ali Selim; Moataz Mohamed Sallam

Screening for Urine Abnormalities Among School Children in Qalubyia

Pages 75-81

Maha A. Shalaby; Abd El-Hameed Abd El Hameed; Wesam E Affifi; Walid A. Abd El Halim

Urinary CD25 as a Biomarker of Lupus Nephritis Activity in Pediatrics

Pages 82-89

Mohamed salam; Doaa M Tawfeek; Eslam S Mobasher; Nagla A. Khalifa; Maher El Shafaei

Urinary Interleukin-8 as a Biomarker for Steroid Resistance in Childhood Onset Nephrotic Syndrome

Pages 90-95

Heba Mostafa Ahmed; Osama Ezzat botrous; Rasha khattab; Ahmed Mohammed Abdallah

Urinary Monocyte Chemotactic Protein -1 in Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome

Pages 96-103

Ragia Marei; Magid A. Abdel Fattah; Dina A. Soliman; Abdul Rahman. A Ahmad